August is a wicked month

I try to write every month on my blog. I am but an evening away from September with no words penned in August…Some musings for the last few hours of the month.

I turned 39! I turned 39. I turned 39? #ITurned39


I have been listening to the beautiful country music of Courtney Marie Andrews and a line from her song ‘Honest Life’ has been replaying in my mind:

“Right when you have it all figured out, life comes to throw you another doubt”.

This feels very fitting for me right now. For us all I’m sure.


For several years whilst living in London I had weekly counselling and in one of our last sessions we discussed how I imagined my future. Like now it is mostly blurry. All I could and ever can imagine is a little house with my books, my paintings on the wall. With friends in and out. Friends of all ages in and out. And me out and about.


I have been enjoying another Courtney Marie Andrews song. ‘This House’. In it she sings;

“There’s a bed upstairs if you’re ever in town, or if you need a place to get your feet back on the ground. There’s coffee in the cupboard, take any food you want out. My house, my house, is your home”.


Next week I have a friend coming to stay. He is in Leeds for work. Earlier this week a friend sat in one of my comfy chairs (scavenged by a family member) and we discussed the news whilst I roasted him some vegetables, warmed some bread and served a meal on the table I pulled across the room. I have a poetry bookshelf. Some pictures to look at. Maybe I shouldn’t worry about those doubts so much.


So August. See you next year. For 40.

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