Beeston Series #2

This is my final series of photographs from my first weekend with a good on loan camera. Alongside going into the park in Beeston, Leeds I wandered some of the streets. This was the hardest part of my mini weekend project. As with the park series I wanted to try and convey not only some of the character of Beeston as I see it but my deep affection for the area. I was not confident to approach people to be photographed and of course images of the actual community who live there would have added a whole new layer. In addition I wanted to ensure I wasn’t engaging in voyeurism or causing concern. I was noted…two small groups of children firmly queried what I was doing but seemed satisfied with my answer that I was learning to use the camera.

The photographs shown in this post and the previous two represent a huge learning curve for me. I started to explore some basic photographic techniques and question what makes a good photograph and the ethical issues of what it is OK to photograph. It has been fascinating.













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