Illustration inspiration

I can’t recall the first time I saw an Idalia Candelas illustration but for a long time her beautifully simple images of women on their own have been for me a special source of inspiration.

“Being alone is not being isolated from the world, it’s learning to live moments with you and enjoy your own company”.

As I started to prep my mind for living by myself I shared three of her illustrations in a series of Instagram stories; remarking that “I love the illustrations by @idaliacandelas about women being alone. I find them super…reassuring / Her women are cool calm and collected / and basically boss at life”.

A Google Image search for ‘women alone’ shows women across distances, on a beach, in front of a never ending road, on a hill top, arms raised above a head that is looking towards a sun setting.

Idalia’s women are wonderfully pedestrian, operating in the everyday. Each illustration is a pause of an ordinary moment. They are content and relaxed, luxuriating in small ways in the time and space they have for themselves.

“The unprecedented pleasure of being on my own”. 

Before I lived by myself I thought I was alone a lot. And I was. But the silence, and tension between productivity and inactivity in an empty house is a different alone. Idalia’s illustrations simultaneously bolster and console me.

“Alone, you can enjoy your time as you wish, reading or listening to music”. 

Idalia Candelas 1

I will picture myself as she.

Permission to use the images in this post was gained in an email exchange with Idalia Candelas and I am extremely grateful to her. You can find her work on Instagram @idaliacandelas and at The italicised quotes are taken from some of Idalia Candelas’ Instagram posts.

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