National Writing Day

I have discovered it is National Writing Day. So I thought I should do some writing.

What about? I am going to share some word and writing related unedited off the top of my head thoughts.


I don’t always talk to myself very well. I try to live as a positive, thoughtful, empathetic person in life through my words (and actions), but once it comes to the quiet of my own mind this approach can dissipate. As I have written about previously on this blog, I have a bad spider phobia. Despite this a spider in my new community didn’t get the memo and has taken up residence under my washing machine and oven. This is an entirely un-ideal situation. I have tried several times to kill it but it has evaded me. It would be super easy to say “I am not coping”. I am though. Alright I will admit that when I sight it my ‘flight or fight’ mechanism is activated. I have contacted friends or family for distant but reassuring support. I peer into the kitchen before going in. But am I avoiding the kitchen? Am I not cooking or using the washing machine? No. I am writing this in my living room with a quick wash rumbling in the background. I AM COPING.

OK. Returning home to find the spider on a wall or in another room would not be good. But I can keep telling myself I am coping. I will. The words I use in this situation matter. I am noting this. I am.

Tonight I have taken an important step in my writing journey. In my last blog post I wrote about how I am learning to interview by practicing on some friends. Since then I have conducted two interviews and tonight I did one over the telephone using a dictaphone! And not only that. Once the interview had finished I was able to download the recording onto my laptop.

Ironically I recently wrote up a formal interview for a local publication before I had a chance to do any practice ones and it was really hard! Transcribing the interview was hard enough but then having to choose quotes, understand what should be quoted and what should be described was a huge learning curve. Listening back to the interview was also a chance to think about how I talk to people in an interview and to reflect on the need to demonstrate active listening skills whilst not wanting to interrupt my subject making a key point. I can’t wait to do more and more.


I am wondering how many typos and formal writing errors are in this? I will try not to worry and instead will spend my time thinking on a Tweet today I absolutely loved from poet Andrew McMillan who wrote “‘all language is made up and constantly evolving’ I shout daily, until I am hoarse / until I am a horse”. (@AndrewPoetry)


What did you write today?



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