“Flutes and low to the lake falls home”

I got started on my Yorkshire explorations on the first bank holiday of 2017 with a ramble starting in Ilkley. It is only about thirty minutes outside of Leeds and is just delightful! Lovely houses and other buildings and lots of nice and tasty looking shops and cafes. As I was there for a ramble I didn’t get a chance to visit the town but it definitely looks worth going back to, maybe with some friends when they visit, especially on a warm day.

The ramble was beautiful…along beside a canal, up through woods, open fields. I was a bit giddy on the way back…and not only because I got a lift (as a non driver I can get a bit over excited when I get an unexpected lift but don’t go so far as to stick my head out of the window like a Golden Retriever). I was mainly giddy because I am increasingly excited about living in an area with such beautiful landscapes and proper wildernesses in easy access, such as the Cow and Calf rocks which we drove past on the way home.

I also decided to commit to the Walk 1000 Miles challenge and this ramble of eight miles was a good start. Only 992 miles to go!

Ilkley 4.JPG


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