Dipping my painted toes into 2017


A series of new year’s resolutions or plans feel a real possibility for me this year…or rather next year. I have moved to a new city and I feel surrounded by opportunities to have a fresh start, which is exciting.

So…on the list for 2017:

Health and wealth

To improve both! I like the expression ‘don’t give up what you want most for what you want now’ and will try and keep that at the front of my mind. I always aim to give up Diet Coke but I never do. Just giving up something FOREVER is not S.M.A.R.T anyway so I will start with moving my daily can to lunchtime and then…well that’s a start. Plus millions of vegetables. Jumping, stretching. Etc.

Explore Yorkshire…and further afield 

This part of the world is new to me and I am really looking forward to using weekends for Yorkshire visits. Many people have recommended Saltaire so that is high up on my list. I want to get to Wakefield, Huddersfield, Harrogate, Sheffield, Hebden Bridge, York…Mostly I want to get to Hull to enjoy them being UK City of Culture 2017.

I am 100% going to the south of France and then who knows where else.

Hit the road 

I am going to learn to drive. I am I am I am. It is time. And then I want a car. And then I can use it to drive it for at least part of my next resolution…

Rambling, and reading 

The dales, peaks and lakes await…as do my groaning book shelves.


I am 36. I need to face my sleeping reality – I need 8 hours a night. Time, finally, for a nighttime routine.

Friends and family 

To see them lots! And make new friends in Leeds by volunteering, sports clubs, reading groups…who knows.

Nail polish

I want to have regular manicures and always have bright tootsies. I am starting the year with my toenails painted in a colour called something like ‘Madame President’ which is excellent. I also want to keep my finger nails painted all the time. NO MORE BITTEN NAILS IN 2017! Fun colours and increasingly well done paint jobs instead.


I want to wear lipstick every day.  That is all.


No more boring shoes in 2017. Today I went to buy some new boots and as usual focused on cute but fairly functional black boots but in the end came home with a snake skin pair (faux obviously). This is a statement of intent…plain black shoes will still be there but I am also planning shiny boots, sparkly boots, colourful boots…

So best feet, and toes, forward for a new year.



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